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Why install charge points for your business?

Business and organisations that own car parking spaces have an opportunity to install EV car charging points for use by employees or visitors. 

Employee Satisfaction

Improve employee satisfaction by offering a solution to their charging needs for both hybrid and full electric vehicles.

Sustainability Rating

Improve your company’s sustainability rating; reduce emissions and fuel consumption for a renewable future. Ability to monitor CO2 omissions for end-of-year accounts.

Maximise the potential grants on offer for landlords and businesses

Grants are available and offer a unique project management tool for multiple site owners to manage and maximise their eligibility to the OZEV WCS grant scheme available to you and your business.

Charge Point Management
Full & automated control of your charge points

Whether it's an office, a business location or residential area, controlling charge points - payments, availability, and pricing needs to be easy and hassle-free.

  • Decide who can charge and how much they pay
  • Schedule private, semi-public, or public access to your charge points
  • Set custom pricing for employees, customers, guests, etc.
  • Schedule price changes or opt for dynamic spot pricing for peace of mind
Generate income or offer benefits

Set your own tariff, or provide free electric vehicle charging which will in-turn reduce fuel costs and emissions.

Full Turnkey

Full Turnkey Solutions available from survey, quotation, installation and groundwork.

We will find the perfect solution for you including Wall-mounted and Floor-mounted charging points. 

What Products are Available?

We offer a variety of charge points for your workplace/fleet. Each charge point comes with it’s own management system to allow you to have control over the charging behaviour.



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